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About me

I have been started programming since I was eleven. I’ve got my first experience in Informatics Olympiads when I was fifteen. After that I started my first high-scale project which is called Trenditter at the age of seventeen. I have been collected, stored and analysed more than 180 million tweets annually. This project is currently known as one of the most reliable sources of “Persian Twitter” analysis in Iran. Now, I study BEng. in Industrial Engineering at the University of Tehran.

Work Experience

  • Trenditter

    Tehran, Iran
    June 2017 Until now
    + Backing up data frequently
    + Storing more than 200 million records
    + Exporting plots and networks
    + Social network analysis
  • Beepaste

    Tehran, Iran
    May 2015 to March 2019
    + Dockerising project
    + Developing backend using Sanic framework
    + Open-source releases


  • University of Tehran

    September 2018 Until now
    Bachelor of Engineering, Industrial Engineering
  • Atomic Energy Highschool

    June 2014 to May 2018
    Diploma, Mathematics

Organizing Programming Contest

Organized round number 343 in Codeforces (http://codeforces‌.com/contest/629)

Software Freedom Day 2018

  • Provided a payment gateway to collect donations
  • Helped in preparations


  • Military Service

    Medical exemption
Updated on 2019 June 18th